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quoteI have been using Practice Bee as a frontline manager for my sports clinic for over 3 years.
With such a diverse range of professional working with me and numerous clientele using our facilities , PracticeBee has made managing the business simple and affective.
Be stress free with PracticeBee.

James Morley

quoteI recently started a new physiotherapy business and was looking for software which was easy to use and did everything in one program (administration, case notes, SMS, etc).
I chose PracticeBee and have been very pleased with the product. It is easy to use, cheaper than other software I researched, and the customer service has been exceptional – very friendly, helpful and prompt.
I look forward to continuing my positive PracticeBee experience over the coming years.

Chelsea Ling

Riverland Physiotherapy Works


quoteIn early 2009 I made the decision to go paperless in my clinic in order to stream line front desk, and administration tasks.  After using several programs on the market I was wanting to find a package that could do specific reports, notes etc.  that I needed.   After searching for several months found PracticeBee .  It was new but it did all the basics I needed plus much more.  However, what sold me on the software and I was guaranteed that all of the upgrades/features that I was after would be built into the program and I was given a timeline that these would be completed...... 


Dr Phillip Mifsud, VIC


quoteWe changed our Practice System to PracticeBee in 2008. The clinic was going through structural and growth changes at that time, and although we were using an electronic appointment book program, the clinic was looking to become a fully paperless.

Having worked as a CA and Office Manager for 15 years and using various appointment books and practice programs, I was very impressed with the assistance and professional service from the PracticeBee team. One time we had a problem and they flew a technician from Sydney and had it fixed and they never charged a penny. That was outstanding service! They customised the training until all of our staff were totally ready and did some of it outside clinic hours.


Cheryl Liddy, VIC



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Best Reporting: Our support team is only a phone call away and unlike many providers we do not limit the number of support calls. We know your time is very valuable so we can work with you after hours or week-end by appointment.

Psychology Practice Management System

PracticeBee™ is one of the foremost frontline practice management systems for Psychologists in Australia.

The success of any psychology practice management system relies heavily on the features of the software and the ease of use. Many software products available in the market today don’t address the typical needs of Psychogists. We are extremely proud of PracticeBee™ Psychology practice management system dedicatedly designed for Psychologists. Our success owes credit to a group of leading , practice managers and software professionals who have brought their real life expertise to the table. This collaborative effort has resulted in PracticeBee™ Psychology practice management system becoming one of the leading state of the art practice management systems for this profession.

Every psychologist manages his/her practice slightly differently in order to give the best outcome for clients and optimise financial returns. Many are now treating more and more patients with Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan. This plan however imposes certain reporting requirements and also limit the number of patient visits. With PracticeBee™ Psychology practice management system, tracking the number of visits and reporting is extremely simple.

Gain back your Personal Time now spent on administrative tasks. For a comprehensive list of the capabilities and features of PracticeBee™ Psychology practice management system please click below.

Register for a free online demonstration and examine how PracticeBee™ psychology practice management system can improve your practice. Click on the right side (Request for Demo )and register for the free demonstration. We can demonstrate the system at the time of your convenience via the Internet. You may even take control of the computer and try a few menus hands-on. We would like you to compare with the in market and make the best decision for yourself and your practice.

We are fanatical in "listening to you" and that is one of the key reasons for the success of PracticeBee™ Psychology practice management system. Every single request for software enhancement will be considered by our special Panel of experts and implemented by priority.

Our customer support and training is provided by a team of dedicated professionals. The team is only a phone call away to give you a hand when you need them(+61­ 02 4786 0501 OR +61­ (08) 6102 5571).

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